Black Forest


Black forest consists of several layer of chocolate sponge, whipped cream & cherries . Black forest was first created by Josef Keller in Germany. In many places around the world , a little alcohol is used in a black forest cake, but it is not mandatory.

The best thing according to me about a black forest is the color apart from it’s taste. The red, white & chocolate color makes the cake an extremely gorgeous dessert, apart from the visual treat it can also be used for any occasion. Given an option I will always make a black forest whenever I am asked to make a cake, I somehow feel it is effortless , and the beautiful chocolate lace which I make for my black forest always gives the cake a beautiful finish.


Always let your sponge cool down properly before you start icing your sponge. It is recommended that the sponge is either prepared a day before one frosts ones cake or at least 2 hours prior to icing, else the frost may melt away. 


  • Chocolate Sponge
  • Tinned Cherries (deseeded)
  • Whipped cream
  • Chocolates
  • Chocó chips
  • Syrup (cherry syrup +2 tablespoon rum)

( for the chocolate sponge you can refer to my previous blog here)



  1. Layer the cake into three slices
  2. Place the first layer & then soak it with the syrup
  3. Spread a medium layer of whipped cream, chopped cherries & Chocó chips.
  4. Then place the second layer, repeat then the third layer.
  5. Soak the last layer & then cover the entire sponge with the whipped cream.




  1. You can decorate the cake using a cake comb.
  2. Designs can be made out of chocolate to cover the sides of the cake.
  3. Use a star nozzle to make designs on the cake.
  4. The video of chocolate lace decoration which I used to decorate my cake has been shown in another video.

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