Truffle Cake

The truffle cake happens to be one of the most sought after cake when it comes to me & my baking. I believe it is the combination of the chocolate’s bitterness & the cream’s velvetiness in the truffle sauce that makes my truffle cake special.

I always like covering the entire cake with truffle sauce as it gives the cake a rich flavor. A truffle cake is heavier than any other normal chocolate cake with butter cream or whipped cream icing in it. Frosting a cake with truffle sauce can be a messy affair as the chocolate as it is not as easy as butter cream or whipped cream to handle.

A truffle cake goes well with almost everything be in any normal nut , praline or any fruit which complements the cake such as strawberry , blue berries , grapes etc .



  • Chocolate Sponge
  • Truffle Sauce
  • Praline
  • Butter cream
  • Chocó chips
  • Milk & rum syrup ( ½ cup )



  • Layer the chocolate sponge into three slices.
  • Place the first layer of the sponge, soak it with the milk & rum syrup. Spread a layer of butter cream & truffle sauce, sprinkle some praline & Chocó chips on it.
  • Then above it place the second layer & repeat the same.
  • Then place the third layer, coat the entire cake with butter cream after soaking it with the milk & rum syrup.
  • Refrigerate the cake for half an hour.
  • Again coat the entire cake with butter cream properly, & after that pour truffle sauce to completely cover the cake.
  • Refrigerate it for an hour before relishing it.



  • Semi sweet dark chocolate 400 gms
  • Amul cream 150 gms
  • Milk 50 gms

Mix & melt all the above given ingredients in a double boiler, and keep stirring, until & unless everything mixes well. Strain it properly & refrigerate it for half an hour.



  • Sugar: 1 and half cup.
  • Cashew nuts: 1 cup

Melt the sugar in a wok, after the put the cashew nuts in mix. After that pour it into a greased plate. After it completely cools down take the praline out of the plate & break it into sizes as desired.



Mix amul butter & white butter in equal quantities (50 gms), beat it for 4 minutes using a beater. Add 1 cup icing sugar & 3 drops of vanilla essence & beat it until everything mixes well.

A little bit of hard-work & some amount of patience, trust me you will get a beautiful truffle cake. 11121781_10205627778870393_1389171042070883468_n

I shall upload a video on how to do the spider web design very soon 🙂








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